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Counselling for Men is a face to face, telephone and online counseling service offering support for men.

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Why go to Counselling ?

In a difficult period of life, everyone can benefit from counselling. Taking the first step and seeking support can be the hard part. We need someone who will listen to us and give suggestions regarding our personal issues. We face many challenging issues in our daily life such as Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Relationship and Marriage issues and Male Teenage issues. If you suffer from any mental health issues you have come to the right place.

Complete Counselling Services

Therapies offered by Counselling4men

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

focusing on your thinking

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

focusing on your behaviour

Stepppa Coaching

focusing on people's emotions and objectives, to achieve success


focusing on problem solving solutions


focusing on changing ambivalence and become more motivated


focusing on your current choices and the reality of accomplishing your goals


focusing on the hidden obstacles in the unconscious mind and reversing them, freeing you to move forward in your life


focusing on the past and it’s impact on the present

Need to talk to someone?

counselling For Men offers professional face to face, telephone counselling support for men with concerns about mental health, anger management, family violence (using and experiencing), addiction, relationship, stress and wellbeing.

Online Chat & Video Counselling

Online counselling is easy to access anywhere in the world ,
1. no travel required
2. confidential,
3. fits into your busy schedule,
4.Can be conducted on various devises – laptop, phone, ipad etc. and never miss a session no matter where you need to go.

Men talking to Men

More often than not gender matters. Finding a male counsellor has many benefits. Let’s discuss some benefits of ‘’Men Counselling Men’’.
1. You can share everything with a male counsellor without any resistance/shame about your issue such as sex life, martial issues, financial issues etc.
2. For Drug addiction issues, you can easily and comfortably explain your struggles to a male counsellor.
3. Male counsellors give clear solutions about marriage and relationship problems such as how to improve communication and compatibility with your partner or wife from your point of view.
4. A male counsellor can understand and better support you navigate the male world.
5. Young Adolescent males can benefit from a more mature males experience in managing life issues.

Client testimonials

“ Professional”
– Mr D.
“ Caring and Empathic”
– Dr R.
“Very Knowledgeable and intuitive”
– Mr C.
“Makes you feel right at home”
– Mr W.

How counselling4 men can help you

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